Big VS Small- Felt Pinkalicious cupcakes

This morning I went to swimming with my daughter, she’s so exciting!
When we came back, very very hungry. so we had sushi in a new sushi bar.
Then I was making this big cupcake.
Because I promised to complete this big cake’s pattern for a mother, so I have to working overtime. 🙂 but it’s a wonderful experience.
It looks okay?

Felt cake, Pinkalicious cupcake

The next handpainted bag

My friend lily will came to see me from Singapore, it’s really exciting.
I select a bag for her as gift, of course I want to handpaint some pattern on it.
I’m thinking what pattern is matching to this beautiful bag.
She said she ‘s willing to get that golden grape bag last year, but I gave it to Zuo. But this time  she is the first.

I really like this champagne bag, there are other colors, you could see them here.
Well, I have a coupon now, if you also want the same one (without painting), please order it before  May 2nd.
Now, my job is  designing and the pattern on the bag. 🙂

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post the renderings.

handpainted bag

Felt cake night light

felt cake light

felt cake light,felt food,
when night fell, these cakes can also be Luminous.
Just like Litting the birthday candle ‘s cake, and it will not be corrosive to your teeth, even on the bed sheets will not be lit.
It’s so much lovely to put them on baby’s bedside table and tell a story while she or he’s going to sleep.

Felt Hello Kitty Toaster–Most popular DIY Kit Package

felt toaster,felt toy,felt food pattern

Kit package contains:
1. pre-cut felt (100% Eco-fi Polyester Felt Fabric, thickness:1mm)
2. thread with 21 colors,
3. acrylic cotton, about 5g
4. DIY instructions and pattern via PDF file.

The finished products include:
.Toaster–approx 5.5″×3″×4.5″
.Whole-wheat toast
.fried eggs
.lettuce leaves
.cheese pieces
.tomato pieces

just require a needle to start making your crafts.
Pattern’s defined line was painted by water-soluble pen, you may remove the traces by wiping with wet cloth.

Felt blueberry cream tarte

Putting with real blueberry tart together, our felt tart should also be no less significant.
Felt is a great material to make play food.
I made this tart shelf with hardness felt to create the shape,  blueberry and cream is made from soft felt.