Big VS Small- Felt Pinkalicious cupcakes

This morning I went to swimming with my daughter, she’s so exciting!
When we came back, very very hungry. so we had sushi in a new sushi bar.
Then I was making this big cupcake.
Because I promised to complete this big cake’s pattern for a mother, so I have to working overtime. 🙂 but it’s a wonderful experience.
It looks okay?

Felt cake, Pinkalicious cupcake

How to make felt star wand for your baby’s birthday

A lovely mother want to make felt Pinkalicious Cupcakes for her little girl’s birthday party.
She want the tutorial and pattern,so I make this item.
I hope all of the little girls have such lovely birthday party.

1. Cut felt. 2. Sew smaller star on bigger one.

3. Sew two star pieces together,stuff it with enough cotton. 4. Glue the stick to the star.

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