Rubber breakfast

Felt cake- double layer cake


get DIY pattern and instruction from

New play food- felt fruit pie- made with 3mm felt

Is 3 mm felt only apply for making bag?
In fact, with the material we also could make lovely play food, cake, pie…
Because of the thickness, the filling cotton and cardboard are no longer necessary.
More simple than 1mm felt.
Would you like to try it ? I’ll list the diy tutorial tomorrow.


<img src=”; alt=”” width=”639″ height=”479″ />

NEW Pattern-Fruit Salad

felt fruit set

Felt fruit set2
felt fruit -banana,peach,pear

Felt fruit set-banana,peach,pear


I shoud add some red fruits into this fruit set, it need more colorful.

Big VS Small- Felt Pinkalicious cupcakes

This morning I went to swimming with my daughter, she’s so exciting!
When we came back, very very hungry. so we had sushi in a new sushi bar.
Then I was making this big cupcake.
Because I promised to complete this big cake’s pattern for a mother, so I have to working overtime. :) but it’s a wonderful experience.
It looks okay?

Felt cake, Pinkalicious cupcake

felt apple tea set! new !

felt cake light,felt food,


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