Felt Hello Kitty Toaster–Most popular DIY Kit Package

felt toaster,felt toy,felt food pattern

Kit package contains:
1. pre-cut felt (100% Eco-fi Polyester Felt Fabric, thickness:1mm)
2. thread with 21 colors,
3. acrylic cotton, about 5g
4. DIY instructions and pattern via PDF file.

The finished products include:
.Toaster–approx 5.5″×3″×4.5″
.Whole-wheat toast
.fried eggs
.lettuce leaves
.cheese pieces
.tomato pieces

just require a needle to start making your crafts.
Pattern’s defined line was painted by water-soluble pen, you may remove the traces by wiping with wet cloth.


New pattern–Rainbow cake has been posted

I’ve completed the new pattern–Felt Rainbow cake.


I prefer to use this simple cutting to form fine shapes.

Hello Kitty toaster and sandwich made from felt

Lovely toaster has lovely kitty shape. It’s either as a desktop decoration, but also a good kitchen toys.
Press the handle of toaster,the bread can pop up.
There also have whole-wheat bread,fried eggs,ham and so on.You may do a nutrient-rich sandwich.

Cute and interesting.
To follow the drawings, Beginners can easily complete.
Does not require high sewing skills,maybe requires some patience.

The item consists of :
.Toaster–approx 5.5″×3″×4.5″
.Whole-wheat toast
.fried eggs
.lettuce leaves
.cheese pieces
.tomato pieces


Hand painted T-shirt for my darling

It’s for my little girl.She like T-rex very much. She want me to draw many T-rexes in her shirt.
However, I prefer to draw her a lot of flowers.

It’s for my husband.He’s a programmer.And will pass an important milestone. So I painted the 2 T-shirt for him.
But his colleagues thought it’s printed,not hand painted.
He was a little disappointed

This one should be able to tell it is hand-painted, while the clothes is wet, I started painting.

Step by step DIY felt mini roll cake

1. Cut felt. 2. Embroidered the pattern.

3. Sew the strip as shown. 4. Sew the side.

5. Put the cake on the shelf.

Click the following pictures you may visit my etsy shop, get the whole pattern and instructions for this cake truck house.

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Step by step DIY cream cookie

1~4, Cut felt as shown.

5. Connect all the tips together with thread… 6. Put some cotton in it.

7. Pull the thread taut and squashed it flat. 8. Sew a pearl in the middle of it.

Click the following pictures to visit my etsy shop.

NOTES! All rights reserved. Without the permission of the owner, do not try to take anything away without note that can download!