How to eat a whole crab? –felt rainbow crab


1. first there’s a beautiful rainbow crab.


2. After cooking it, it turns red.


3. Turn it over, it shows that it’s a male crab.


4. We can break the crab cover from this place.


5. It’s done.


6. Put away the black and gill. We can enjoy.

It’s the latest works of mine. you can get DIY pattern and instruction from

wool felted bag

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Felted handbag- New felted crafts

Cherry felt handbag, with one piece of felt

This is the newest felt crafts, made of one piece of painted felt,  45cm x 30cm  size.

get the cherry felt from :

The pattern and instruction coming soon.

Felt crafts for kids

Felt play food for kids

How to make felt scissors


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