Felt play food for kids

DIY Kits coming , pre-cut by laser

In the last few months,  I reviewed the all patterns, instructions,  choose the most popular itemes,  revised the design drawings.

I have been trying to find a realistic way to product small batch DIY KITS,  pre-cut accrording to the pattern,   cheap,  quick response.

laser cutting is the best option.

Until last year,  it’s unavailable to find the laser cutting factory to produce for us.

Somewhat accidentally, I find a proper partner in center China.  They can cut felt, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm,  by laser,  according to customer-provide drawing,  taking orders in small numbers.

Facts proved that approach was right.   felt were cut pretty well by laser.

But , when one problem gets solved, another one appears.

newly laser cutting  felt smelled like baked pork skin, because laser cutting is  in the virtual equivalent of burning. but we have to find a solution as soon as possible.

washing them in the sink and hanging them to dry,  the bad smell disappeared magically.

It’s my first time I tried to make my original design to batch production.

The new manufacturing methods make low-volume production runs more viable.  thanks.

New products,  cheap,  better quality, buyers  can sell the finished products , it’s the only authorization to sell felt toys designed by myself.

This is bought links,  starting with the 10 popular DIY Kits


Free felt tutorial-How to make felt carrot

Lovely mini succulent plants, polyer clay

I was lately obsessed with playing polyer clay, I love make mini succulent.

It’s my latest works.

DSCF0671DSCF0648 DSCF0659 DSCF0664

I’m a TOP 50 Etsy parents 2012

I was named to 2012’s list of the Top 50 Etsy Parents,

Could you please visit my page and give me a comment? thank you!!!




Love story of felt pigs

Rubber breakfast



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