Step by step DIY felt Cristal dumpling

The steamed dumpling, the crystal stuffed dumpling, the steamer,
this is the attractive dessert which can be seen in the Chinatown.

1. Cut felt. 2. Fold it in half. Sew from point X Not Y.

3. Stuff it with cotton. 4. Fold up another corner.

5. Sew the gap as shown. 6. Make the cristal dumplings in different color.

7. A solid meal.

Lovely Chinese sweets and healthy steamer set:
Bamboo Steamer
Little Rabbit Bun
Siu Long Bao (Mini Steam Meat Bun)
Dumpling(Shao mai)
Double Color Dumpling
Won Ton(Scallop dumpling)
Pyramid Dumpling(Cristal dumpling)

The diameter of steamer is about 4″ and it’s about 3″ high.

NOTES! All rights reserved. Without the permission of the owner, do not try to take anything away without note that can download!


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