Step by step DIY felt cabbage

How to make a lovely cabbage? Let’s begin.

1. Cut felt for cabbage. 2. Fold the green disc in half, sew from A to B with overhand stitch.

3. Sew as shown in the same way. 4. Turn it over, running stitch along the edge.

5. Stuff it with some cotton, pull the thread taut.

6. Sew the first leaf as shown. 7. Make some folds by tightening some points.

8. Sew the other two leaves in the same way.

9. You may make red cabbage and green cabbage in the same way.

Click the following pictures of Lovely vegetable garden ,you’ll find the pattern in my Etsy shop.

You can get pattern of a whole thing from my etsy shop:


NOTES! All rights reserved. Without the permission of the owner, do not try to take anything away without note that can download!

5 thoughts on “Step by step DIY felt cabbage

  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog (searching for felt food inspiration) and found this lovely garden. Do you happen to have a pattern for the whole thing?
    You can contact me at , that would be fantastic if you had one that I could use. My niece’s birthday is coming up soon and she would just LOVE to have her miniature garden!
    🙂 looooads of lovely stuff on your blog!


      1. i have seen and I am quite tempted 🙂 would you give me authorisation to use your garden as an inspiration only though? I have already thought of some things that I would like to make differently.
        Best wishes,


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