Ribbon embroidery on felt

As I know I lack perseverance, embroider is a figment of my imagination, although I like it.
One day I happened to see a craft  of ribbon embroidery, I thought I can have a try.
This is my first work, ribbon in felt  with embroidered directly into the above.
I like it.
If you want the tutorial of the Rose  ribbon embroidery on felt, please tell me in the comment.

The kiwi cake above is from:

Felt rose coin purse—OneHourCrafts

I return home this morning. I have a wonder holiday for 2 weeks.

By the way, I open another DIY pattern shop—-OneHourCrafts

Yes,as you think,all of the items should be finished in one hour. This is the first one.
And I change the format. more photoes, smaller file size.