Materials and Kit

Always some people asked me the same question:”what material do you use?  the felt you are using must be expensive? where could I get that felt fabric?  ”
I always reply:”It’s cheap, it’s easy to get, you may get them from internet.”
But that still baffle those friends who want to start DIY.
They asked:”Why don’t you sell materials and Kit? ”
And eventually I began to examine the case more closely.
Today I take photoes for these felt and I make the first felt kit for a friend.
Colorful felt Printed Polka Dots Felt
100% Eco-fi Polyester Felt Fabric
Size:30 cm x 30 cm per piece (close to 12 in x  12 in)
Thickness: 1 mm
The DIY Kit contains:
Pre-cut felt,
thread with 21 colors ,
acrylic cotton,
glass imitation pearls and ribbon
Now  just require  a needle to start making your crafts.
I hope we can start it ASAP. If you have suggestion, please tell me.
Thanks, my friends!.
Happy new year!

How to make Felt Mushroom

After Christmas turkey feast, we should have some vegetables, such mushrooms.
Even if your kids don’t like vegetarian food, he would like the mushrooms salad.
You should prepare several small pieces of felt or fabric, just brown and white.
Let’s begin.
Free felt pattern-Mushroom 01 Free felt pattern-Mushroom 02
1. Running stitch along the edge.
2.Put a white disc in the middle.
Free felt pattern-Mushroom 03 Free felt pattern-Mushroom 04
3. Stuff it with some cotton, pull the thread taut.
4. Cover the white disc and sew the bottom.
Free felt pattern-Mushroom 05 Free felt pattern-Mushroom 06
5. Make a cylinder for stem of mushroom.
Free felt pattern-Mushroom 07 Free felt pattern-Mushroom 08
6. Sew stem to the middle of bottom.
7. It’s done.
Thank you for visiting, and Happy New Year!
Get complete felt vegetables tutorials and pattern from:
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Step by step DIY felt macaroons

1. Cut felt.
2. Running stitch along the edge of bigger disc.

3. Pull the thread taut. stuff it with some cotton.
4. Cover a smaller disc.

5. Sew along the edge.
6. Make another one in the same way.

7. Put the white disc between them.
8. Sew them together as shown.

Put the lovely snacks on the plate, be carefully, don’t let a child really eat them.
Set them on the table,  it could let the mood ameliorate ,  I promise  🙂

Get the complete petit fours’ pattern from :

How it change into a lovely cake house?

While I’m cleaning the room,  find some broken boxes. I would have threw them, however I also thought it could be made into something.Stick felt inside and outside of this worst box, it became a lovely toys.
And put the mini cakes on it, place the sofa and table, take the little Logo doll here.

The cake shop is going to open.

Get the pattern and tutorials from:

Felt rose coin purse—OneHourCrafts

I return home this morning. I have a wonder holiday for 2 weeks.

By the way, I open another DIY pattern shop—-OneHourCrafts

Yes,as you think,all of the items should be finished in one hour. This is the first one.
And I change the format. more photoes, smaller file size.

Hand painted T-shirt for my darling

It’s for my little girl.She like T-rex very much. She want me to draw many T-rexes in her shirt.
However, I prefer to draw her a lot of flowers.

It’s for my husband.He’s a programmer.And will pass an important milestone. So I painted the 2 T-shirt for him.
But his colleagues thought it’s printed,not hand painted.
He was a little disappointed

This one should be able to tell it is hand-painted, while the clothes is wet, I started painting.

Hand Painted Blue-White style leather bag

My friends knew that I like DIY.I am also glad to make some special handmade gifts for them.
In this time,I painted in Wendy’s new bag, She likes it very much.
Then Ira said she also wanted a same one. I was drawing another.
After a long time for making felt, I was infatuated with handpainting.
I have been enjoyed the blue and white porcelain, and recent years, the blue and white porcelain style has been repeatedly presented in the fashion shown,electronic products designs, and so on.
Hand Painted Blue-White style leather bag

(The photoes above from internet)
White and blue matching excellent, beautiful extremely, graceful extremely.
But we seldom find the style in bag designs.
The following white bag has been reflecting this style. I will try more in the future.

Hand Painted Golden Grape leather bag

This bag’s color itself is yellow, with golden grapes and orange grape leaf pattern, looks very harmonious.
After getting this bag, I didn’t know how to painting on there.One day, an inspiration is coming into my mind, finished it quickly.
I hung it on my ETSY shop last 2 week. No deal.
A friend saw this bag while coming home, she liked it very much, so it became her new bag.
When she back home, no one of her family discovered that bag is hand-painted.
She told me about this, I ‘m proud of myself and puzzled.
Whether should I left hand trace while drawing later?

Quality of this handbag is excellent, cowhide is both soft and sincere.

♥ Customized hand painted oriental style motif
♥ Two handles which fit over shoulder
♥ Boxy tote bag shape
♥ Zipper closure
♥ two interior zipped pockets,mobile pouch
♥ High quality cowhide
♥ Measures: 37cm(the widest place) x 28cm x 14cm (body)
strap length 110cm (adjustable)