How to make ribbon embroidery rose on felt?

First, you should embroider 5 lines as shown on felt.  Of course ribbon and awl are needed.
Burn the end of ribbon.
Make a hole on felt with awl.
Pull the ribbon through the hole, then circle  as shown.
Ribbon embroidery on felt 10 Ribbon embroidery on felt 11 

Hide and fix the end of ribbon. It’s done.
The kiwi fruit cake box and kiwi cups are embroidered in this way.
You may get the DIY kit package from
the kit include all pre-cut felt, thread, ribbon and cotton.
Kiwi cake ‘s pattern and tutorials from

About fairyfox
I design toys, household items and so on. I love to handmake and DIY . But I don't like to make the same craftworks repeatly. So each item here I could only make once.It often as gift for friends or belong to my daughter. Felt toys pattern (Etsy shop):

4 Responses to How to make ribbon embroidery rose on felt?

  1. linda says:

    aaah,,, cuteeeee… thanks for the idea :)

  2. Khansa says:

    Thanks alotttttttttttt….I’ve been searching for this rose on YouTube and got so fed up!!!I couldn’t bring up the needle through the cloth with such a fat ribbon and it was hell frustrating!!!…thanks again!!!loads of loveeee…<3

  3. chamalie says:

    thank you soo much…

  4. elizabethfrederick says:

    perfect. Simple and clear instructions

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