felt cake roll-Most easy but cute

I completed the three cake less than 30 minutes.Of course the cream flowers and fruit pieces were ready.
I love the  green tea roll cake most, it looks so sweet.
I really love crafts that can be made with felt, accomplishing  any project because it has a variety of colors, is an excellent material for any occasion …
Just finished the pattern and instructions.
get felt pattern from

About fairyfox
I design toys, household items and so on. I love to handmake and DIY . But I don't like to make the same craftworks repeatly. So each item here I could only make once.It often as gift for friends or belong to my daughter. Felt toys pattern (Etsy shop): http://fairyfox.etsy.com

6 Responses to felt cake roll-Most easy but cute

  1. I really like people young and old that write blogs, it’s definitely very hard to have this particular understanding just about any means. Top-notch job.

  2. I’m a sucker for people who actually write blogs, it is very difficult to receive that variety of observation almost any way. Extremely good job.

  3. WrightTreez says:

    Obtain and select some good things from you and it aids me to solve a problem, thanks.

    – Henry

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  6. LucyExpress says:

    I’m so making one of those!

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