Hand Painted Golden Grape leather bag

This bag’s color itself is yellow, with golden grapes and orange grape leaf pattern, looks very harmonious.
After getting this bag, I didn’t know how to painting on there.One day, an inspiration is coming into my mind, finished it quickly.
I hung it on my ETSY shop last 2 week. No deal.
A friend saw this bag while coming home, she liked it very much, so it became her new bag.
When she back home, no one of her family discovered that bag is hand-painted.
She told me about this, I ‘m proud of myself and puzzled.
Whether should I left hand trace while drawing later?

Quality of this handbag is excellent, cowhide is both soft and sincere.

♥ Customized hand painted oriental style motif
♥ Two handles which fit over shoulder
♥ Boxy tote bag shape
♥ Zipper closure
♥ two interior zipped pockets,mobile pouch
♥ High quality cowhide
♥ Measures: 37cm(the widest place) x 28cm x 14cm (body)
strap length 110cm (adjustable)

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