Free felt tutorial-Step by step DIY Felt Mini Hamburger course

How to make felt hamburger

1. Looking for a size suitable piece from the scraps.

2. Cut felt. Sew along the edges with overhand stitch to make leaf、tomato slice、 cheese、hamburger.

3. Overlap them and sew them together. 4. Make some French knots on brown disc.

5. Turn it over.Running stitch along the edge. 6. Put some cotton in it and pull thread taut.

7. Make another bun in the same way. 8. Sew them together as shown. It’s done.



How to make felt French fries

1. Overlap two pieces and sew as shown. 2. Embroidered the pattern.

3.Put some cotton in it. 4. Fold in half and sew the edges to make fries.

5. Make 6 pieces of fries and sew them together. Put them in the pouch and sew to fix.

How to make felt fruit drink

1. Embroidered the pattern on the cup wall.

2. Fold it in half and sew the edges together. 3. Sew the bottom.

4. Put some cotton in it, sew the top. 5.Roll felt piece up and sew as shown to make a straw.

6.Sew the straw on the top.

How to make felt tray

1. Cut felt for tray. Put the cardboard on it. 2. Fold it in half and sew along the edge.

3. Sew the side edge as shown. 4. The tray is done.

5. Put all parts on the tray. The lovely hamburger couse is finished.

Click the following picture,visit fairyfox’s etsy shop.

NOTES! All rights reserved. Without the permission of the owner, do not try to take anything away without note that can download!

About fairyfox
I design toys, household items and so on. I love to handmake and DIY . But I don't like to make the same craftworks repeatly. So each item here I could only make once.It often as gift for friends or belong to my daughter. Felt toys pattern (Etsy shop):

2 Responses to Free felt tutorial-Step by step DIY Felt Mini Hamburger course

  1. Lea Ann Reynolds says:

    Where can I get the pattern for this mini set? It’s ADORABLE!!

    • fairyfox says:

      Sorry for my late reply, here it’s.

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